Jessica Nails Manicure Kit- ‘Chalk White’


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Create your own manicure at-home with this trio of professional nail care products!

These products are ‘7-free’ which means it does not contain typically harmful ingredients often found in nail polish, Jessica is proud to offer purer products that are kinder to the natural nail. Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

Your kit includes:
1 x Rejuvenation Base Coat 7.4ml- a moisturising cocktail of strengtheners and conditioners to promote health and flexibility.
1 x Jessica Nails Custom Colour- ‘Chalk White’ Bright chalk white. Crème finish.
1 x Brilliance Topcoat 7.4ml- Protect your polish and give nails a mirror like shine, all while speeding up drying time. Brilliance top coat contains UV inhibitors to prevent your polish from yellowing or fading.

Only 2 left in stock


You may want to also treat yourself to a nail care kit to make sure you have the files & buffers you need to create your perfect manicure at home!

Give yourself a good 45 minutes for the manicure, making sure you can relax afterwards whilst your nail polish dries.

1. Prepare: Make sure your hands and nails are freshly washed with hand soap to remove any oils, previous nail polish is removed and that you have everything you need. Trim and shape your nails into your desired shape. Using nail polish remover, wipe over the natural nail and the edges of your nails to make sure they are free from residue. You’re now ready to paint!

2. Base: Apply a layer of Jessica Base Coat to the nails, allow 5-10 minutes to fully dry. Take care not to make this initial layer isn’t too thick, but ensure you cover the entire nail, avoiding the skin around your nails and your cuticle area.

3. Custom colour: Carefully apply your first layer of colour, I find it easiest to apply a strip down the middle of the nail first and then fill in the sides. Avoid using lots of brush strokes, nail polish dries quickly when you’re painting with it & you don’t want to over work it! Thin layers work well. Take your time with this first coat, it’ll make your next coat easier!
Allow another 5-10 minutes for your 1st coat to fully dry, before applying your second layer. It is unlikely you will need a 3rd coat- but if you’d like one- make sure you have given enough time for your previous layers to fully dry before applying.

4. Finish: Once you are satisfied with your colour application, and your layers have had atleast 10 minutes drying time- it is time to seal in that colour and create a beautiful shine. Apply your Jessica Top Coat in 3 strokes, one down the middle & one each side, capping the edge of your nail too for extra protection.
Admire your handy work whilst giving your nails another good 10 minutes drying time- they will be touch dry at this stage- but you’re not free to go and do as you please just yet! Give your nails as much drying time as possible without you doing much with them. You will kick yourself if you ‘smudge’ your hard work. Kick back, relax- and use this as a great opportunity to be waited on by someone else!

Speed up your drying time with Jessica Nails Speed Dry Spray.
When your nails are fully dry, nourish your cuticles with Navy Cuticle Balm or Jessica Phenomen Oil.

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